Portrait, from the catalogue Graduate Diploma of Visual Arts 1990: The University of New South Wales: College of Fine Arts, UNSW COFA 1990, p. 41
Photography: Anthony Potter, © 1990


Cath Phillips (artist and then president of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras) opening the Mardi Gras art show at Tin Sheds, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney, 1991.
Artworks on view by Lachlan Warner and David McDiarmid.

Left detail. The gathering includes Gillian Minervini (on the left) and Kurt Schanzer (right); artwork by David McDiarmid.

Photography: William Yang, 1991, from the book William Yang, Friends of Dorothy, McMillan Australia, 1997, pp 84-85.
© William Yang 1997


Work in progress on The Melancholy of Industry, acrylic on panel, 1992
College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Flinders Street campus, c1992. Photographer: unknown


Gitte Weise and Kurt Schranzer installing the exhibition Dichter-Zeichner
Room 35 / Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney, September 1997. Photography: Renate Anger (1943-2008)


Kurt Schranzer and Gitte Weise with the wall drawing Infinite Network of Hidden Stars, from the exhibition Infinite Nostalgia.
Room 35 / Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney, September 2000.
Time-Exposure Photography: Vanila Netto. Digital Enhancement: Kurt Schranzer and John Burge


Studio Self-Portrait
Palm Beach, Queensland, 2006.
Photography: Kurt Schranzer


Work in progress on Woven Wall
Dunheved, NSW, March 2008. Photography: Kay Schranzer


Work in progress on Star Walls (The Soul’s Antechamber)
Dunheved, NSW, June 2008. Photography: Kay Schranzer


Self-Portrait with the artwork Processional Wall (RHS panel, work in progress)
Dunheved, NSW, February 2009. Photography: Kurt Schranzer


The artist at Paul Klee’s grave, Schosshalden Cemetery
Bern, Switzerland, July 2009.
I cannot be grasped in this world.
For I live now so well among the dead
As among the unborn.
Somewhat closer to the heart of creation than usual
Yet not close enough, by far
Photography: Ken Patrick


Self-portrait with the pencil study for Metaphysisches Stilleben (Double Self-Portrait with Rare Orchids), 2010
Studio: Lucretia Ave, Longueville NSW, November 2010. Photography: Kurt Schranzer


Reimaging Uccello’s Vase in Perspective, in preparation for the ink drawing Room Perspective with Uccello’s Vase (The Hall of Mirrors), 2010
Studio: Tahiti Ave, Palm Beach QLD, December 2010. Photography: Ken Patrick


Left to Right: David Eastwood (Associate Head of Painting COFA), Associate Professor Paul Thomas (Head of Painting COFA), and
Kurt Schranzer being handcast by Associate Professor Paula Dawson (Senior Lecturer COFA).
College of Fine Arts, Paddington, Sydney, October 2012. Photography: Paula Dawson


Lecturing in Drawing at UNSW Art and Design, January 2015. Photographer: unknown


Lecturing in Drawing at UNSW Art and Design, January 2015. Photographer: unknown


Final over-drawing for Lop-Lop Disguised as Yoshitsune, in the Act of His Eight-Boat-Leap (For Sadahide, Kuniyoshi, and a Young Kunichika), 2015
Studio: Lucretia Ave, Longueville NSW, August 2015. Photography: Isolde Lennon


Kurt Schranzer with artist, writer, and lecturer Joe Frost at the opening of Drawing Conversations, 28 September 2016.
Raynor Hoff Project Space, National Art School, September 2016. Photography: Alyssa Rothwell

© Kurt Schranzer 2017