Pages from ‘The Book of Universes’
1999–2000, ink, pencil, acrylic, gesso on 2 panels, each panel 30 x 20 cm
Signed and inscribed reverse with title, date, catalogue no. MCMLVIII
Provenance: Collection the Artist
Exhibited: 2002 The Great Library, Room 35, Sydney. 2003 Praxis, Kudos Gallery, Sydney. 2004 Summer Show 2004—panoramas opened and closed, Esa Jäske Gallery, Sydney. 2006 Summer Show 2006, Esa Jäske Gallery, Sydney. 2008 Phantastische Stilleben and other drawings, Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney. 2009 Making Our Times, University Gallery, The University of Newcastle, NSW.

© Kurt Schranzer 2007

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